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UAE: el Ministerio de Finanzas enmienda el Reglamento y la Orientación sobre Sustancias Economicas

En breve El 10 de agosto de 2020, el Gabinete de Ministros de los Emiratos Árabes Unidos emitió la Resolución

Consejos para iniciar actividad empresarial en Dubái:¿Zona Franca, Offshore u Onshore?

RTD Consultancy, con sede en Dubái, es una empresa especializada en ayudar a las empr esas españolas a iniciar una

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RTD Accounting has four fundamental pillars to guarantee the best results in services for its clients:


We provide our clients with the best results and with the greatest confidence. We apply a data confidentiality treatment that guarantees the privacy of the information.


Our firm is known for its professionalism and a reputation that reflects the high standard we set for ourselves. Our services are highly personalized to meet the needs of our clients.


We make ourselves available to our clients whenever its needed and we are always willing to answer your questions and address your concerns. Our energy, responsiveness and attention to detail have made RTD grown to serve many satisfied long-term clients.


Our firm works with time management giving a fast and efficient response to our clients and our clients do not waste their time or money. Because our clients are part of the family, we strive to maintain a commitment to excellence, professionalism and enthusiasm in everything we do.