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Attestation is the process of taking documents issued in one country and making them legally recognized in another. The process will vary from country to country and depending on the type of document. It is vital that you obtain the correct process for your circumstances. RTD legalizes documents in the Emirates, Spain, etc…
The legalization process is as follows:

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Why Do You Need a Dubai POA?

A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document through which you designate another person to act on your behalf. The document authorizes the second person to make either a limited or broader set of decisions. The second person is obligated to act and take decisions strictly as per the terms of the power of attorney and keeping in mind the best interest of the authorising party.
A person may need a power of attorney in Dubai and in UAE in the event he / she requires someone to handle their affairs in their absence. POA can be used either to accomplish a single act or to carry out a host of activities. Depending on the requirements, a Dubai POA can assign powers for either a limited or an infinite time.
Generally, you may require a power of attorney in these scenarios:

What Powers Can You Assign Through a Power of Attorney?

In general, the nature of the powers that can be assigned through a POA depends on the type of the power of attorney. Below, we have the types of POAs and the corresponding transferable powers:

• Purchase and manage real estate properties and other assets.
• Set up businesses/companies.
• Represent before third parties, government departments and banks etc.
• Represent before Etisalat, du, DEWA and other utility service providers.
• Represent in legal affairs and appoint lawyers.
• Purchase shares in companies.
• Sign contracts and other documents.

• File necessary application for the company formation.
• Sign and submit documents including memorandum and articles of association of the new company.
• Attend the relevant registration body (i.e. Department of Economic Development or a Free Zone Authority).
• Represent before third parties, government departments and banks etc.
• Represent before Etisalat, du, DEWA and other utility service providers.
• Receive the new trade license.

• Manage the entire property dispute.
• Represent the owner before the Dubai Land Department, RERA and other government departments, developers, master developers, utility providers.
• Appoint lawyers to represent the owner before the courts.

• Manage and drive the vehicle.
• Renew the registration and insurance.
• Sell the vehicle to any third party.

• Representation before the court for the marriage registration.
• Signing all necessary documents to effect the marriage registration.
Court Case Power of Attorney
• Powers to manage the dispute and appoint lawyers to represent the owner before the courts.
Inheritance power of attorney
• Powers to represent the legal heirs before the court as well as to appoint lawyers where required for the court representation.

Steps to a Valid Power of Attorney in Dubai

The first step is to identify in your mind what you seek to achieve through a Dubai power of attorney. This would involve picking out the task that needs to be done and how that task should be carried out. The task can be anything under the sun. Some of the examples include selling a property on your behalf, setting, or running a company for you, purchasing or registering a vehicle on your behalf etc. You can even pinpoint the exact way in which you wish the duties are carried out by the second person. Our experts at RTD can help you with the same.
An agent is a person who is authorised in a Dubai POA to carry out certain activities on your behalf. The agent must at least be twenty-one (21) years old. You can even appoint multiple agents by way of a single power of attorney. Since the agent is responsible to carry out the act, it is very important the agent is chosen carefully and wisely. You can appoint anyone as an agent who is willing to act on your behalf. However, it is always a benefit if the agent is either a close friend or a relative and has carried out similar activities in the past.
There are multiple types of power of attorneys. It is imperative to select a power of attorney that is the right fit for you. The type of the power of attorney in Dubai that you select should ideally depend on the powers that you wish to transfer through the POA. A property POA is used to buy, sell or rent the property. A vehicle POA is executed if you require your agent to purchase, vend or register a vehicle. A company POA is drafted if you wish another person to run the affairs of a company on your behalf. Our experts here at Just POA can help you easily pick a Dubai POA that is suitable for you.
A power of attorney in UAE must be carefully drafted so that the exact powers that you wish to transfer are precisely recorded. It must be ensured that the POA should not miss or omit any power that you wish to assign, the POA should not transfer powers that are excessive and unwarranted, the language of the POA should reflect the true intent of parties, and the POA draft is easily understandable by a third-party executor.
A power of attorney that is to be executed in the UAE must be bilingual. The English language draft of the Dubai power of attorney must be translated to Arabic by a certified legal translator approved by the Ministry of Justice of UAE to ensure that the Dubai POA is accurately translated. If you are an Arabic speaking person then you can choose to have the POA drafted in Arabic. It is essential that that power of attorney is bilingual (English in Arabic) since most of the government authorities within UAE conduct business in Arabic language.
In gist, the notarization process depends solely on if you are in United Arab Emirates or outside. You can sign on the final original POA before a notary public in any emirate if you are within UAE. Upon signing, the notary will stamp the POA and register it in his/her records. If you are outside of UAE, then you can sign the POA to distance requesting it through a video and delivering the appropriate documents.

We can act as your attorney/proxy

To manage the services offered by RTD, we can act as proxies, for example for the services of setting up a company, opening bank accounts, visas, etc…
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Documents Required for a Power of Attorney in UAE

A power of attorney involves two parties. One that is giving the power and the one to whom the power is being given to. Documents of both parties are required to draft and finalize a Dubai POA.

In general, the following documents are required to prepare a personal power of attorney:
Further, the following documents are required to prepare a corporate power of attorney:
Additional documents may be required depending on the nature of power of attorney.