Legal Consultancy about VAT

Legal Consultancy about VAT

RTD, as Taxation Consultant and VAT Advisors in Dubai, has the best team of specialists who can help you overcome all obstacles, including unfamiliarity with VAT laws and regulations, lack of resources and compliance issues. Our UAE VAT services include:

RTD contributes to the growth of the client’s business by ensuring personalized accounting practices, using advanced technology to improve the quality of compliance and reduce costs.

VAT in the UAE is at a rate of 5% and there are different circumstances in which companies can or must register for their quarterly settlement.
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VAT Registration Types

VAT registration is done in two circumstances:

This VAT registration is mandatory for those companies dealing in supplies and imports subject to taxes with an annual turnover equal to or greater than AED 375,000. Companies must submit to VAT registration even if they predict that the company's VAT taxable turnover will exceed the threshold in the next thirty days. On the other hand, if the turnover is not expected to soon exceed the mandatory threshold for UAE VAT registration, then VAT registration is not required.

But surely you can opt for the voluntary VAT registration which is given on an optional basis for small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers who have not reached the mandatory threshold, but have an annual turnover between AED 187,500 and AED 375,000. This way they can enjoy the benefits of being a VAT registered business entity operating in the UAE.