Legal Consultancy About Busines Setup

Legal consultancy about Business Setup

RTD, as Spanish consultant in Dubai, has the experience and knowledge required to analyse and study the most favourable options in each case and advise investors on the best option for business setup in Dubai. Depending on the characteristics of the company and factors that intervene in the activity, a company in the mainland or in the free zone may be recommended and give it the appropriate legal personality in each case.

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As Taxation Consultant in Dubai, we take into account international regulations for tax purposes for the application of international tax strategies for tax savings within the legality.

The difference between the constitution of a company in the mainland and the free zone is becoming smaller and will depend on factors such as the activity and the permits required to carry out the activity.

The mainland option currently differs in that in some activities a local partner will be needed with 51% of the company’s shares, who will act as sponsor without having decision-making power in the company. In the free zones, this figure will not be necessary for the constitution of the company.
It should also be borne in mind that for certain activities there is no option to carry them out from a free zone since they require special permits from the authorities and are only granted to companies in the mainland.
In addition to all the legal advice, RTD helps you with all the legal procedures required to start your company in the country and resolves all the paperwork required by the authorities efficiently.

In addition to all this, RTD helps you with the legalization of documents, power of attorney, opening bank account, visa management, VAT consultancy services, accounting, taxes, Dubai customs Registration, etc… that is, everything that the company requires to carry out the activity from the beginning, during the life and in the liquidation of the company or restructuring.