Visa Services

Visa Services

The UAE issues various types of visas and entry permits to foreigners, including:

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The most common is that companies established in emirates need to hire foreign workers and for this they will need to apply for visas. In Dubai, the employer is responsible for obtaining the necessary visas and permits for foreign workers, they must also bear the cost of any visa fees. The procedure will be different depending on whether the worker is inside or outside the Emirates. The duration and costs of the visa will vary depending on whether it is through the free zone or mainland.

An employee holding a residence visa will be able to apply for visas on behalf of any family members they plan to bring to Dubai. Along with the required standard documents, they will need to provide proof of their relationships, such as birth or marriage certificates.

Foreign investors will also be able to obtain work and residence visas in the Emirates.

The duration of the process will vary depending on whether it is an investor, worker or family visa, although it could take between one week and 4.