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Dubai is gradually evolving in current times and the business sector has made it the richest in the region. To start a trading business and start import and export activities in Dubai, the business requires registering with Dubai Customs and obtaining an authorization code. To register with Dubai Customs and obtain a code for goods clearance, businesses must first have a valid trade or business license issued by the Dubai Department of Economic Development. Accustomed to the company having a valid business license to conduct business in Dubai, the company will have the opportunity to register for the multiple services.

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Custom code registration in Dubai

The Dubai Customs Department is one of the prominent government departments in the region as it ensures that trade services are ultimately run by companies wholly in the city. Dubai’s customs department has been around for a long time and continues to monitor the borders for any commercial activity. It plays an important role in both the economic and social development of Dubai. The UAE provides world-class customs procedures, backed by the IMD World Competitiveness Center rating, as they say the UAE is at the top of the charts as of late. The company must ensure that commercial products are not included in the list of prohibited items. According to the rules of the United Arab Emirates, dealing with the trade of prohibited items is very strict and even charges very high fines.

Secure the Customs Code in Dubai

In Dubai, the personalized code can be secured by submitting the application to the customs authority along with specific documents that are required to obtain the customs code. They are the following:
Once the submitted application is reviewed and the fees paid are collected by the Dubai Customs authorities, a code is automatically generated thereafter. Once a customs code is obtained, a company can start trading.

Custom Code

The personalized client code is renewed annually. This renewal process requires the same Dubai Trade Portal application submission process. The application will be submitted along with a copy of the business license.

Restricted products at Dubai Customs

Pets and domestic animals

Prior approval from the Dubai authorities is required, as well as a medical proof of the pet.


Medications and Drugs

Tourists should be vigilant about what they bring into the country and may need to carry a prescription.


Electronic or physical works of art that collide with the Islamic religion.

Technical equipment

Electronic or physical works of art that collide with the Islamic religion.

Alcohol and Cigarettes

You must be over 18 years of age to carry alcohol and cigarette items and the quantity must not exceed the permitted amount.

License allowed at Dubai Customs

Dubai customs laws

Customs in Dubai are governed by the GCC law and other federal and national laws, as well as international protocols and agreements. For more information on Dubai Customs, please visit the Dubai Customs website.

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